At School Early

H&M scarf again and a hot Starbucks coffee :)
Sequins hat--i bought one of these as well!! You can find them at Forever 21 and D-Tox

H&M dress :)

H&M scarf--I bought this set, it's wonderful :)

Bow hat

Red Beret
Alexander Mcqueen Scarf

H&M is always a good way to go!!
So here i sit at's 8, raining, and my class doesn't start until 940!! Oh what should i do ... :(
Of course i decided to blog haha. Today i am going to show some photos of Chiara Ferragni, my fashion icon. She is a very influential person and many people adore her fashion sense. These will be some of my favorite looks from her!!! You can always check out her blog The Blonde Salad. It's wonderful :).

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