Blustery Day in the Neighbourhood

Uggs, the best boots to have!!! Keeps you warm in the winter and cold in the summer

Chiara Ferragni; Green Hunter boots, and a puffy jacket

Vanessa Valliant; H&M Scarf

Me, in my Billabong Plaid Coat and H&M Hat and Scarf Set!!!
Today, the weather is a tad cold but very very very windy!!! There are a lot of people out and about and everyone of course is decked all out in their hats and scarves. So, today i thought i would do some photos on winter accessories wear. I do not have many photos  right now, but the ones i do have, have a lot of fun and bright colours in the accessories. Indian style boots are also a must have right now, and colourful leather biker style gloves.  You can find the gloves at Aldo, H&M, and Le Chateau or of course more expensive venues as well. The indian boots are somewhat hard to come by; I found mine at Old Navy and they were the last pair. You can find them at Forever 21, Aldo and Spring Shoes.  Most of these stores are sold out of the boots, but of course the more expensive higher-end stores still may have them in stock!!! If you can think of any other things that you think are popular that you have been looking for, let me know and I will try to find them for you :) Have a good day everyone!!!

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