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Chiara Ferragni; My fashion Icon, i love her and her blog the Blonde Salad

Camilla Belle

Lily Collins; I find her very fashionable

Me and one of my outfits, my brother took the photos, when i was on my way to college.

So i had a blog before and someone broke into it and i lost everything... :( People from my old blog were telling me to make a new one so here it is :). Thank you to all the people who write to me, you are all very nice and i enjoy reading what you have to say!! The main idea of this blog was to create a place for people to read about my personal ideas on fashion and art and see photos and videos of what i enjoy.  Things i love and hate about fashion, and for people to give me ideas as well. I love art and fashion and i enjoy taking photos too. My fashion icon is Chiara Ferragni, she is from Italy and her fashion is so wonderful. This blog will be a bit of me, a sprinkle off of a sprinkle donut :) XoXo


Chiara Ferragni said...

Thank you darling :D

Hillary Gail Stewart said...

Oh anytime love :)