Nylon Magazine & Teen Vogue

Nylon magazine is one of the best fashion magazines you can purchase i think!! It has new and upcoming fashion and designers and it also has music ect.  It is just one of those magazines you can't wait to pick up :)
There are also a few books out by Nylon. The one i love and cherish is the Nylon Street. It's all about streetstyle all over the world and it's absolutely amazing!! I would recommend picking it up for yourself!!

Teen Vogue is a great magazine not only for teens :) It has great fashion and ideas. It also showcases new and upcoming actors and actresses!!! Camilla Belle and Kristen Stewart have graced the cover, along with many other great actresses :) Teen Vogue also has a new book out which comes with a free one year subscription!!! The book is fantastic!! It's about pursuing a career in the different fields of fashion!

Two magazines that are purely wonderful :)

There are many fashion  magazines out there but the above two are my all-time favorites!
More magazines to look for: 
Marie Claire

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