An OC Girl

From the streets, to an award show, to an after party Micha rocks every look

High waisted pants :)

Black tights finish the outfit

Studded leather jacket

Floral dresses, white tee-shirt dress, high waisted skirts, and the same beautiful bag.

Black tee-shirt dress, large bag and a beautiful headband

Micha Barton, star of the OC...Has always been critized in the tabloids for her style.  I however, find her fashion very nice. It's different and makes her stand out.  Some fashion choices i cannot pull off, but Micha's is one that you can take tidbits from and make it your own.  Make sure to check out the OC if you have never seen it!! It's a wonderful show, and I was very sad when it ended :(
Have a nice day and thanks for your lovely e-mails :)

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