Pretty Little Liars : Aria aka Lucy Hale

Wow... It sure has been a while since i posted anything on here and boy did i miss you guys :)  So let's cut to the chase... Pretty Little Liars is the new show everyone is talking about, of course based on a series of is quite a good show!  The fashion is impeccable...My personal favorite character is Aria.  She is edgy and girly.  She wears vintage and does not try to fit in!! This is how i want my fashion to come across :)  So i found some great photos of here online and of course did some research for you guys too! For the items i could find i am posting where you can buy it or a similar item!! Enjoy :) xox

Deena and Ozzy Bag, Available @ Urban Outfitters

Butterfly Dress, Vest, and two belts : Cute!

Owlita feather earring : 48 dollars for one!! I already ordered one, will you? :)

Leopard print tank top - No longer available in stores or online

Nice sweater :)

Aria made knee high socks the next big thing this fall! Be sure to stock up!!

Marc Jacobs dress!

Urban Outfitters has a great copy of the bag!

Topshop dress
Deena and Ozzy bag
The Gap patch work jeans, real straight.
Guys.. these are a steal! 19.99 in most stores, on sale!!

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