Margherita Missoni : Heiress to Missoni Fashion House

I first saw Margherita Missoni in Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's book, Influence.  Margherita amazed me with her fashion choices, love for the fashion world, and overall sense of self.  She is following her passion for theatre and being an ambassador for Missoni as well.  Margherita not only promotes the Missoni brand, when you see her at events she mixes every brand imaginable and creates something wonderful.  It is said that when you see Margherita at an event you KNOW you are going to have a good time.  I have chosen her for a fashion icon simply because she paves her own way and does not follow other people.  She may be a Missoni but her closet is bursting with other wonderful, and imaginitive pieces from other fabulous designers!!

Many Kisses

Kate Middleton: A Princess in Waiting

Kate Middleton is not only living a real life fairytale, she is classic and cool.  She graces many magazines with her fashion selections which can be down to earth, classy, and royal all at the same time. Kate, who had worked as a buyer at Jigsaw, has also experimented in the photography field, which i thought was very interesting (makes her seem even more normal!!).  Here are photos of some of my favorite Kate Middleton looks.  Since she has made recent headlines for her engagement to Prince William she was my first choice for this post. I hope you all enjoy it xoxo

A beautiful salmon coloured dress and black clutch, Kate is the look of perfection.