Best Dressed Women: 2010

As 2010 draws to a close, I thought I would feature my personal Top Ten Dressed Women of 2010!! I absolutely adore fashion, and reading fashion magazines is past the obsession point!  I took a lot back of what happened this year, and who's clothes i lusted after.

I have chosen my top ten :) I hope you enjoy them!!

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Happy New Year!!



happy new year, 2009

Blake Lively, Star of Gossip Girl, who also had a part in the hit movie "The Town" is on the top of everyones fashion lists this year.  Everywhere she went she rocked whatever she chose to wear.  She is my Number 1 of 2010!

Emma Watson stunned the world when she cut her hair into a short pixie cut.  Emma is well-known from her part in Harry Potter.  She suprised me often with her fashion choices on the red-carpet.  I didn't think she was capable of becoming a fashionista.  But she certainly has :)  Emma Watson is my number 2 of 2010.

Camilla Belle is one of my personal style icons.  I love basically EVERYTHING that she wears! Besides the fact she is gorgeous, she is a very talented actress.  She is my number 3 of 2010!

Lea Michele, from Glee, has made her debut as not only a singer/actress but a fashion queen as well.  She always looks glamorous! Lea Michele is my number 4 of 2010 :)

Sandra Bullock is a very talented actress, and really knows how to pick a wonderful outfit or dress to wear to an event...She always looks classic and chic.  She never tries to dress like a teenager, and she looks absolutley stunning for her age :) Sandra is my number 5 of 2010

Rachel Bilson, is amazing! She played Summer in the hit TV series The OC.  I still enjoy the reruns, and she is still my favorite character :)  She is always dressed wonderfully so of course she had to be on my list of top dressers!! She is number 6 of 2010!

Leighton Meester is a beautiful actress.  She plays Blair in Gossip Girl and she is going to be in a many films due out in 2011! Very exciting! She is the face of Vera Wang's new fragrance, and an ambassador for Herbal Essences.  I love her fashion :)  She is my number 7 of 2010!

Gwen Stefani, hardcore rocker-chic signer, and fashion designer...what's not to love? She rocks my socks off with her wild fashion choices!! She is my number 8 of 2010!

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, those twin sisters I grew up loving!  They are always in my mind when it comes to fashion.  Designers themselves, they are a purely amazing sense of looking for just the right pieces and outfits.  They are my number 9 of 2010!!

Gwyneth Paltrow, gorgeous in her own way, this actress shines at every event she goes to! She is my number 10 of 2010.

And that is that my lovelies!!! I hope you enjoyed this post :)  I know there are a lot of other wonderful fashionable people out there but these ladies caught my eye this year!! Tell me what you think xoxo


bec said...

Great top ten!! Camilla Belle is divine! so stunning and i totally agree that blake was amazing this year!

Sarah said...

I absolutely love the looks of Emma Watson :) She's one of my favourit actors :D
I like your blog :)

Keep Smileing Sarah

ελéνη said...

Great top 10!
follow me too
Merry X-mas!

Isabelle said...

Great post! Emma Watson is my favorite, she's a classic beauty and I love her style :)

Yajaira said...

love rachel.. she looks great.. and also the gossip girl..

Lesley said...

I totally agree with everyone on this list! Especially, the olsen twins and rachel bilson! love love love.

Abigail said...

very cute blog! can't wait to see more :) following xo

Angelica Ng said...

Well, all these women are beautiful, no doubt about that! Hope you had a great Christmas!

Emilie said...

great top 10!! I love Blake Lively, Leighton Meester and Rachel Bilson the most :) I actually just had a best dressed list on my blog too, maybe you'd like to come see? :p


The Brunette Shake said...

Thank you for all your comments!!!! I love to read them :) I will check out everyone's blogs tomorrow and put up a new post! Much love and Happy Holidays! Xoxo

diana kang said...

aw how fun!!

Claudia Paola. said...

Yay! I'm so glad you featured Gwen Stefani! :D She is my fave- with everything from her hair to her makeup to her overall rocker-chic image.

Claudia from Molto ❤ Fashion

Cherry Llegar said...

Happy new year too !!! :D

Diana said...

i definitely agree with allll of these!! lovely blog :) i am following !!

KcomeKarolina said...

I definitely vote Olsens!!!
great list!
hope your holidays were FAB! thank you for your sweet comment! you can reach me also on bloglovin, facebook and twitter :)so cu soon! and have amazing new year's eve!!!

xoxo from rome

jadore said...

Great picks! These ladies all have fabulous fashion sense!

Mónica - Mes Voyages à Paris said...

Happy New Year!!! Kisses from Spain,

Callahan Brooks said...

They definatly all enjoy thier places! I love your blog, I'll definatly be following, hope you have time to have a look at mine. x

Joanna said...

Hey! I just came across you blog, and i love it!! You can check out mine:

I'm now following you, return the favour? Please?! =D


Veronika Loco said...

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen very nice and Emma Watson is amazing :D

jess said...

beautiful pictures! blake lively and emma watson always have such stunning looks!