Fashion Muse: Elisa Sednaoui

Elisa Sednaoui, a stunningly beautiful twenty-something Italian model turned actress.  She is known as being Karl Lagerfeld's muse and just the fact that her Godfather is Christian Louboutin , the shoe designer famous for her red soled shoes, is enough to make people turn heads.

Elisa is a wonderful fashionista, no doubt because of her upbringing and career in the fashion industry as a well-known model.  Elisa has modelled for Coach, H&M, Betsey Johnson, DVF...and many more. She is currently the face of Diesel and DVF. Elisa also appeared in Karl Lagerfeld's short film "Remember Me"

Check out some of my favorite campaigns with Elisa in them, and some of her fashion choices I believe to be very stylish :) There is also a surprise video of her as well!!!


Elisa with her godfather, Christian Louboutin. Can you imagine the amount of beautiful shoes she has received as gifts?? Lucky girl!

Elisa with Karl Lagerfeld and Lindsay Lohan

Check out the Video below :) Inside of Elisa's closet.  The video is from YouTube, compliments of Modelina.


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