Isabel Lucas: Hipster

I first didn't know who Isabel Lucas was, just that she took Megan Fox's part in Transformers 3.  I decided the other day to look this lady up! It turns out she is quite fashionable, beautiful, and talented!

Isabel is an Australian actress who has also starred in Daybreakers, The Pacific, and suprisingly enough The Cove.  The Cove I recommend to everyone. So go out and rent it if you have not seen it yet and are passionate about animals!

Besides from being a talented actress Isabel is fashionable.  Very down to earth, her style reminds me of laid-back hipster.  I have included some of the photos I liked the most of Isabel and I hope you guys like them too!!

Thank you all for reading, commenting and following! You guys make me smile :)



Isabel has a different way of dressing, not sure I could pull it off...How about you guys?



Kristen said...

I love her style. It's nothing I would wear, but she is very gorgeous and fashionable!

bec said...

She is gorgeous! She is from my hometown of Cairns in Australia :)

i like your blog, i'm following - check mine out if you'd like :)

Tess S. said...

uggghh so jealous! She is gorgeous. LOVEEE your blog... following


snoWhite said...

she's great, i adore her!!
xoxo S.