Movie Review: Black Swan

I went to the theatre to see Black Swan on Monday evening.  I went alone which was actually quite nice!  The movie is 1h50 min and stars Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis, Barbara Hershey and Winona Ryder.  At first I did not know what to expect...Natalie Portman is one of my favorite actresses, and when I heard that this was one of her more risky and provacative performances I had to go see it!

The movie is about a young ballerina in the New York City ballet who is names Nina (played by Natalie Portman) who is trying to finally get a lead role in a show.  She tries her very hardest to get the Swan Queen role in Swan Lake.  Swan Lake has two swans, a white and a black swan.  Nina had everything to be the white swan but was trying to be more "in touch" with her black swan.  This is where Mila Kunis comes into play, she is Nina's competition for the role as Lily (Mila Kunis) is already very much in touch with her dark side.   This phychological thriller is very dark, sexual, and ,in its own way, violent.

I would tell you to watch it for sure! I enjoyed it, and it was not at all what I was expecting! Natalie and Mila both did a terrific job in it!

I have included below the trailer for the film, photos, Natalie Portman's photos from Elle and Vogue, and Mila Kunis's photos from Nylon.

Enjoy :) Thank you for reading, commenting and following! xoxo

All the above photos are from the movie.

January 2011

The above photos from Vogue January 2011

Photos above from Nylon Magazine. Current Issue

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Not directly fashion related, but I really liked the film so I thought I would share :) xoxo


Alexandra said...

can't wait to see black swan !!

Christine said...

Oh I love reading other people's reviews, esp when I haven't seen a film myself yet! Can't wait to see this one, although I was scared that it'd be a bit too scary for me haha (is it??)
Anyway thanks for sharing your view on this one!

x Christine @

PS: now following as well! :)

Yajaira said...

good to know.. will see it soon!

Michaela said...

I'd love to see it! Well the costumes are definitely fashionable!

lindsay said...

oh my look at all these pretty photos. thank you for the heads up on this movie...i have been wondering about it myself ♥

pancakeSTACKER said...

Thanks for stopping by! I LOVED Black Swan. I saw it in theaters the night it came out and can't believe I haven't seen it a second time yet. Portman was so amazing in it. I can't believe how teeeeny tiny she got for the role!

Stop by again soon!

jj said...

I must see it!! follow you
visit me and follow back, if you like ? :))

Jade "Purple" Brown said...

my friend saw it and he aisd he loved! Now i must go see it!!

plentyforpennies said...

Really can't wait to see this movie! It looks absolutely riveting and stunning (imagery wise). Thanks for commenting and for following my blog! Am doing the same : )

Sandra Leiva said...

Love the pics <3

Kara said...

This looks like my kind of movie.. I want to see it, but didn't even realize it already came out!

Sprinkles in Springs

The white cabbage said...

It sounds to be a beautiful movie!
Christmas Holidays is the right time to see some movie .

I'm a new blogger , come and have a look and may
be we can follow each other


The Brunette Shake said...

Thank you for all your comments :) I will be sure to check out all your blogs too!

Much love


Laura Harris said...

i can't wait to watch it! x

Jana and Vanessa said...

Really can't wait for that movie. Just made a long post about the look and style.
Keep it up with your blog and thanks for sharing!
Snowy Christmas greetings from Berlin
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I loved the movie as well, its quite startling but Natalie did an amazing job.
I totally agree, i did not expect it to be like that at all!

great blog,
Annina of

Miss C said...

love your blog!

just seen the movie, still shaky. gave me a lot of flashbacks from my sick anorexia years. uh horrible.