My Favorite Pieces from Lanvin for H&M

The fashion world has been waiting to see this delicious collaboration.  Lanvin and H&M!!  The womens line itself has more than 30 pieces and over a dozen accessories.  Lanvin and H&M hit H&M stores in late November and consists of tons of ruffled dresses, outerwear, shoes and accessories.  I do not have an H&M nearby that has the Lanvin for H&M line, which is very sad to me.  I hope that i can make a road trip somewhere so i can pick up that gorgeous yellow ruffled dress and the leopard heels!!

I am jealous of you readers if you have had a chance to visit the store and see the pieces in person!!  What did you like the best?  Did you buy any items?

I have some photos and a video of the line to show you, for those who have not had a chance to enjoy it yet!!

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Lanvin for H&M... 99 Dollars!! Can you believe it?

Also seen on Leighton Meester

Leighton Meester shows off her signature pretty-but-edgy style in a flouncy olive dress, dangling gold earrings and leopard print pumps. Which piece is under $100? | Leighton Meester

I love the Yellow dress.

You can also see it worn by Chiara Ferragni

DSC_0348 copia

DSC_0151 copia


Alison said...

I love all the shoes, and the black tulle dress is gorgeous! I sooo wish I could have gone to an h&m when they come out. Great post!

<3 Alison

The Brunette Shake said...

Thanks Alison! Yes the black tulle dress is stunning :) I hope i can eventually buy some of these items!


Lex said...

I wish i had a H&M nearby. All the photo's have been so lovely. I think the tulle dress is my favorite too. I have seen some photos of the red one and it is stunning!

Malu said...

I wish I could buy the whole collection ♥


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CMA said...

love it!
i'll be back for more inspiration, so keep up your great blog!
come visit the revamped COSMICaroline and a special showcase of the new company, oh my frock!

-CMA, COSMICaroline

Allergic to Vanilla said...

I missed my oppurtunity to check out my H&M and get the Lanvin shades...ugh, so mad. It was prob the only time i would ever own anything from this collection too! Oh well, a little birdie told me that maybe Alexander Wang would be the next H&M collaborator. I am def getting up early for this one!

xo Carlina