Travel Essentials this Holiday Season

The time for travel is upon us, Christmas and New doubt the busiest time of the year! I have collected what i would believe are the travel essentials to just grab and throw in a suitcase and high-tail it to your holiday destination this season!

What would you guys pack? 

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A pair of black pumps is a necessity!! You never know when you will need them, and they go with everything

A pair of good comfortable sneakers, you never know...Walking around a mall on Boxing Day you will NEED these!!

Uggs are not for everyone, but I love them!!! Keep my feeties nice and warm in these cold months!

Find your favorite pair of blue jeans and throw them in your suitcase! Lazy days & hectic days..these guys are your best friend.

Grab your favorite scarf you never know if you may need it! (and they look great with a blazer and jeans)

I absolutely love black hats this season...grab your hat and go! Perfect for a bad hair day too...

A black or navy blazer goes with ANYTHING and can make a plain outfit look tres chic :) Pair it with jeans or a black dress skirt for a classic look.

A couple eye-popping bracelets...:) These ones are friendly to the earth!

A chic, classic button-down top perfect with jeans or dress pants for a professional look.

A holiday dress of course!! This dress is stunning, I wore it to my work Christmas party! Great fit and only 29.99

A cute fur shawl looks great with anything too..pair it with your party dress!

Black Clutch

A cute bathing suit, if you're staying in a hotel! Go for a dip in the pool or hot tub :)

I hope you enjoyed this small post!! These are my essentials if i am planning a fast never know what will happen!! oxo


Yajaira said...

good post.. agree with you..

LauraValee said...

Thanks for following, Hillary :)
The Lauren Conrad books are very similar to the series The Hills.
But it's about other characters.
Like your posts very much. :)
I'm following you now.

Lynzy said...

Thank goodness I do not have to pack this season for the holidays. I am going to a mountain ski resort for a few days and will pack all my warmest sweaters :)

xo Lynzy

Fashion Meets Food said...

loving your list. Definitely some serious essentials. I take my Uggs everywhere I go. I am now following your job as well.


Rania said...

Like your choices,these things are indeed necessary for a travel these days!Nice post!!

Closet Fashionista said...

Good essentials! I would grab some dresses, a pair of pants, a few tops and some awesome shoes and I'd be good to go :D


i love uggs too :) its a basic must have.