What's in my purse

I always love reading what other people carry around in their purses.  I think it's quite interesting! So, I thought I would share what I carry in my purse with all of you readers :)

I hope you are all having a fantastic Tuesday! It is a rain storm where I am with some crazy wind, so I hope you all are having nicer weather!

Thank you for all your lovely comments and for following my blog! It makes my day! :)


One of my favorite purses, my Louis Vuitton Speedy 30!!

Of course beauty products :)!  Nivea lip balm is the best i have ever used if you have dry, chapped lips! Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara makes my lashes look huge! Benefit Dandelion Blush is great for a subtle, sweet glow to your cheeks, one swift brush and you're all set! I am absolutely in love with L'Oreal HIP products, the Lip Balm tastes and looks great, and the eyeshadow is to die for...beautiful colours and stays on for a long time!!

Of course I have a magazine or book in my purse, just in case I have a few moments to read!!

Gum! I need fresh breath :)

Hair accessories are a must-have in your bag...you never know when you will need to put your hair into a nice updo!

A camera; because you never know!! If i see Brad Pitt I want to be prepared...;)

I cannot live without my Blackberry.  I am addicted to it!!
Red Lipstick, just in case...

iPod with lots of great music on it!
A pen and notebook in case i get Blog Ideas, meet a famous person and want their autograph or for giving or getting phone numbers :)

My wallet...of course! Need money, Driver's Licence and everything else in it to get around!

Of course my favorite pair of shades... :)

Car and house keys, and my Eiffel Tower keychain which means the world to me.

Floss; because i am a perfect teeth fanatic, and a lint roller in case i'm covered in lint and headed to some place special :)

I hope you guys enjoyed this post!

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Yajaira said...

i wouldn't have thought of the lint roller...

lindsay said...

hello lovely lady :) so happy to meet you. your little corner of the world is quite lovely. i must say i really love this post and think it is a great idea....may have to use it for a post soon!

a lint roller is always in my bag too...too many animals in our household not to! lovin those sunglasses as well ♥

Christine said...

Cool post! lol I would never have thought of the lint roller either, but it's very smart! ;)

Christine @ http://fancifulvision.blogspot.com

Kristen said...

Lint roller and floss...great ideas! However, I don't think I can cram anymore into my already stuffed bag. :p

Thanks for the comment on my blog, lady! Following you now...:)

The Brunette Shake said...

Thank you for the comments ladies!! I will be sure to check out your blogs too :) xoxo


Anonymous said...

do you think the speedy 30 is pretty large on the inside ? i'm trying to decide if i want the 30 35 or 45 but that one looks like i nice size .

The Brunette Shake said...

I find the speedy 30 is a nice size, but i always wish i got the larger one! I like a bit more room.


Alexandra said...

thanks for your kind comments on my blog hillary!
what a fabulous blog you have! i will most certainly follow you!!
looking forward to your next post!

alexandra xox


Rania said...

I love reading such posts too!Loved yours,especially the little comments for each thing...so cute!!


Kara said...

I love your eiffel tower keychain! I have a couple Benefit powder boxes- they are great.


JADE ELLA said...

Love the post!
Much love <3

Lauren said...

Thanks for your comment. Studded Christian Louboutin pumps are amazing! Wouldn't mind a pair myself hehe. It has been raining here too in Australia, its meant to be summer + we are having winter weather :| I love whats in my bag posts, I would never thought of a lint roller!

ABIGAIL NY said...

Definitely very essential stuff!


Setty Lepida said...

Hi there, new follower here :) Isn't this bag so practical? I love it too ;)

N. said...

Hello, new follower!!
I use to have the hip l'oreal eyeshadows, they're were amazing especially the blue/brown one!! And I love love LOVE your shades!!
great blog!!

Venassa said...

I have the same eiffel tower keychain the my best friend brought me home from his Euro trip. It is my favorite <3

Thekla said...

nice post dear:) xxx

http://inablondeworld.blogspot.com/ pls check it out if you want check it out i think you will like it:)xx

Tats :) said...

I love this blog! It is so amazing :)
Would love for you to check out mine

The Brunette Shake said...

Thank you for all your wonderful comments :) I am checking out your blogs right now :) xoxo


margarita ts said...

i love this post!if you see Brad send me a photo please!:)
kisses!love your blog!