A Chanel Blizzard

Hello beloved readers!

I was going to venture outside today to take outfit photos but...it turns out there is a blizzard and I am just too cozy and warm in my home to go out in that crazyness!

The jacket I am wearing is a vintage Chanel jacket I received from my Nanny a few years ago!  I love raiding her closet...my mom's closet is just as good :) Never know what you may find!

I also am wearing red tights, which is kind of my trademark, I met my boyfriend 1 and a half years ago wearing these tights :) I think they are good luck!!

The skirt I am wearing I got at a vintage store, just part of a school uniform, but I think it looks great!

My shoes are from Spring and I absolutely love them!

What do you guys think of this outfit? How's the weather where you are?

Thank you for reading, commenting and following! You guys make me so happy :)


Annika said...

oh my gosh adorable! i am drooling over that jacket. chanel why are you amazing?


Flashes of Style said...

Cute look, dear! I really really love the tights <3

Twenty.Something said...

I don't blame you for not going outside! Cuteeee blazer.


Kristen said...

Vintage Chanel? Ugh, I totally want to hate you right now! Lovely jacket.

Michaela said...

That Chanel jacket is amazing!

Yajaira said...

nice look! love the shoes!!

Karima Illustration said...

Wow! Thank you so much for your sweet comment!
I never thought of selling my drawings... You really think people would buy them! haha :)
I do few free illustrations for blogger for the momment... maybe one day I'll be famous! :)

Totally following you!



Hillary said...

Thank you everyone! You all are so sweet :) xoxo


Anna Bonfiglio said...

I follow you :)

Special-K said...

soooo cute

mariannaxoxo said...

hey you look so cute at the pictures! the chanel jacket is gorgeous! you are so lucky to have such a cute nanny to give you a vintage chanel jacket! my mom has vintage chanel jacket that i picked for her a few years ago,it's really beautiful but it's too big for me so i can't wear it :(
i love the gold chanel brooch too and the red tights,blue skirt and red top.the outfit kind of reminds me of blair waldorf of gossip girl (if you ever watched the show you know what i mean-red tights,blue school skirts,lady like jackets)