Easy A - Emma Stone

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas & Happy New Year!!!  Sorry I have not posted recently, but the holiday season sure makes this girl busy! Did you get everything you wanted from Santa :) ?

Over the holidays I watched Easy A with my boyfriend and I ADORED it! Such a funny movie, and not your typical teen film.  My favorite line was " I wish my life was like an 80's movie".  I sure wish my life was! The 80's look like they were such fun :)

Emma Stone was the leading lady in Easy A, and she did a wonderful job! She graced the recent cover of Nylon as well.  I think we should all put her on our fashion radars if you haven't already!!

She is 22 years old, and has starred in popular films like The House Bunny, Zombieland, Superbad, and is currently filming for the new Spiderman movie!!!

I have found some great photos of her, I hope you like them!

What do you guys think of her style?

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This dress is GREAT!!!

Anna Faris (L-R) Actresses Rumer Willis, Emma Stone, Anna Faris, and singer Katharine McPhee arrive at the 17th annual MTV Movie Awards held at the Gibson Amphitheatre on June 1, 2008 in Universal City, California.

Recent news: Emma Stone goes blonde!!

Emma Stone

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Christine said...

I like her, she's pretty and has a cute style! The reviews of "Easy A" I'd read so far hadn't been great, but now I guess I should give it a try after all? :)

x Christine

Tess S. said...

I love Emma Stone, especially as a blonde. I still haven't seen Easy A though.

Thanks for following my blog, I'm following yours too!!

xxo Tess S.

Tess S. said...

oh my gosh I'm such a dumbo.. I had no idea I was already following your blog I haven't seen it in my news feed :(

The Brunette Shake said...

Thank you for your comments guys!

Tess, you are not a dumbo :) Thank you for following!! You guys make my day!!


Isabelle said...

Sounds like fun! I should see it..

MsShamz said...

Love Emma Stone, i think she's gorgeous and pretty decent actress :) great post. happy new year to you as well!
im throwing a giveaway on my blog if you'd like to participate dear :)

Yajaira said...

love this girl..
love the dress of the first photo..
great looks!! She dresses nice!!

S and O said...

that picture is too cute :)
I really love that dress she's wearing!

bec said...

Shes great!! Loved her in Zombieland too

Ana said...

Lovely Blog, I've just finished watching Easy A, and I love it! Emma is amazing. I'm following you know

Alexandra said...

shes such a beauty ! and i love her sequined dress !