The Golden Globes 2011

Happy Monday readers!!

I am exhausted today, only because I stayed up until midnight watching the Golden Globes!! I absolutely loved it, although I did not see how/why the Social Network won so many awards...I didnt think it was that good? Thoughts?

Things I was happy about:  Natalie Portman winning Best Actress for her performance in Black Swan. Also, LOVED that Jim Parsons won an award too! I love him in The Big Bang Theory.  He makes me laugh so much!! :)

Here are some of my favorite photos from the event last night!!

Did any of you guys stay up to watch it too? Did you like it?


Beautiful Viktor and Rolf gown covering her wonderful baby bump :) I love Natalie Portman!!!

Jim Parsons!!!!! LOVE

Emma Stone...LOVE HER!!!! This peach Calvin Klein dress is a stunner

I love her new blunt bangs :)

That emerald green looks stunning! Although I am on team Aniston..

I love Megan Fox, and she looks STUNNING in this gown.

Anne Hatheway...B-E-A-U-TIFUL

I thought Michelle looked cute, especially with that pixie hair


Olivia Wilde looked gorgeous presenting an award in this dress...and I love her bangs too!!

Amy Adams, so cute!

Leighton Meester, looking fabulous!

Mila "Sweet Lips" Natalie Portman called her

Mmmm Brad Pitt..

Tiny Fey was so funny!

Ryan Gosling!!

Julia Stiles

Julianne Moore! Another very cute lady


Claire Danes...lovely! This dress is such a beautiful colour

I love Kaley's gown...

Temple Grandin



Annika said...

i wish i could go to events like these. mostly for the dressing up :)
i love leighten meesters dress. beyond beautiful.


fashion provocateur said...

you made perfect choices!! i love the deep forest green on the dresses fabulous ! AND megan fox looks stunning as weell!!
great post girl!

Sarah said...

Sandra and Leighton were my favourites

Yajaira said...

i missed the golden globes but I see a lot of great dresses..

PSbyDila said...

Gorgeous dresses!

Megan Blair said...

I am in love with that gown :o x

Lisa said...

I wasn't such a big fan of natalie dress but i was SOOO happy she won. I LOVED black swan and like I mention, I was happy she won. She is just too cute!


Robyn said...

Love Jim Parsons! Bazinga!

Sarah said...

Everyone looks fabulous! I am especially loving olivia wilde and leighton meester!

fashionvic(tim) said...

I love Emma Stone's dress because it's colour is so special and beautiful! :-)

Tats :) said...

I love Leighton Meesters dress! It is so beautiful! Sadly I didn't get to watch it cause I had school in the morning but I think this post has just updated me! Great post :)

Emel said...

Ohh you are so lucky! I couldn´t watch it :(
Check my blog pls, I also posted about GG 2011.
Follow me if you like it ;)
Love, xoxo.