Magazine Love - Jan/Feb 2011

I am an addict of magazines. 

I buy them based on who is on the cover, and with a quick glace through them what other features are inside :)

I have purchased a few magazines this month; and there are a few coming out soon I want you to keep your eyes open for!!!

My favorite magazines no matter what: Nylon, Teen Vogue, In Style.

For the love of snowy magazine reading days...this is my January and February 2011 list :)



Teen Vogue, February 2011

Lucy Hale Covers Teen Vogue February 2011

Lovely article about Lucy Hale, one of the stars of Pretty Little Liars (new episode on tonight!!) Lots of other great fashion ideas inside too!

Here are a few recent photos of her as well...

Lucy Hale 2011 People's Choice Awards - Arrivals.Nokia Theatre L.A. Live, Los Angeles, CA.January 5, 2011.
People's Choice Awards

Teen Vogue Magazine

Lucy Hale's Teen Vogue Cover Shoot Photos January 2011

Fashion Magazine, February 2011

My favorite Gossip Girl; Leighton Meester!  Plus GREAT beauty articles. And, new GG episode is on tonight!! Very excited :)  Leighton will be featured on Nylon February 2011 so keep your eyes peeled!!!


Natalie Portman in In Style magazine.

Natalie Portman Instyle Magazine February 2011 Cover Natalie Portman on Cover of InStyle Magazine February 2011 Issue Photos

Mila Kunis...Cosmo! :) Wonderful articles (no surprise there)




Christine @ Fanciful Vision said...

I'm a magazine ADDICT as well. My faves for February are the British and Italian Vogue! :) x

globetrotter said...

I am totally obsessed with magazines as well. Just purchased a couple today; Self, Shape and a gossip one (InTouch, I beleive).
I just picked up my Glamour, Cosmo, Harper's and all the other ones last week.
The InStyle has stunning photo's in it! Enjoy!


Charlie said...

Yup, i'm a big magazine junky!!!


Erica Wark said...

I could not agree with you more! Magazines are AMAZING! Such a fabulous way to learn about fashion, and to pick all the things you desire! I used to read Teen Vogue on a regular basis, and think it has some seriously awesome ideas for funky fashion!

I'm your NEWEST follower! I hope you visit and follow me back:D

xx Erica

Beckerman Girls said...

We are COMPLETE Magazine junkies TOOOO!!! Like read EVERY mag.....have you read I-D this month? IT's soooooooo GOOD with Abbey Lee on the cover!?!! The editorial is sooo cool!!!
xoThe Beckerman Girls

Vikki said...

I am a big magazine addict too!
I love the picture of Natalie Portman on the cover of InStyle, she's gorgeous!


Yajaira said...

love magazines too!

Michaela said...

I'm not too keen on InStyle, but I always love ELLE and Teen Vogue! I think I buy way too many magazines, and I keep them all too!

valncami said...

LOVE magazines too. I still have my subscription to teen vogue and i've kept them all since i subscribed years ago!! thank you so much for your comment - we really appreciated it!

hope you'll come visit us again soon!
xo, camilla & valerie

Charleston said...

great stuff

E said...

Wow you've bought quite a few magazines! My favourites include British Vogue, Elle UK and Nylon. Nylon is MY FAVORITE, I have it delivered here in Greece cause we don't get it in the newsstands every month like the rest of the world does:(
I really like your blog and I'm your newest follower! Check out mine if you wanna follow me back -


Jelka said...

I'm addicted to magazines too, I bought today Elle! hha :) Follow :)

Twenty.Something said...

Haha I'm totally the same way!!
Something about those glossy pages.

Girl about Oslo said...

Nice of you to follow:)
Jepp...hooked on Vogue as well...

Have a great day.