My Hope Chest

Hi guys!

How are all you doing?  It is cold and miserable where I am :(.  I love spring and I cannot wait for it! Rainboots and umbrellas and dancing in the rain..yes please!

In my bedroom, I have a beautiful chest with the British flag on it.  I adore it, and when I first saw it I fell immediately in love, or should I say lust...I went back to the store right before Christmas and bought it!! And now it is MINE.  With all my favorite things inside.

So I decided to share some of the things I keep in it :)  Not everything though, it still needs some secrecy to it...

I hope you enjoy!!



I keep boxes of things that mean the Vera Wang Princess box, I received the perfume from my boyfriend for my 21st birthday.  The blue Riedell box is from my Roller Skates I purchased for Roller Derby!! And I put little treats inside...:)

This is the music player from my first musical ballerina jewelry reminds me of my childhood.

In the Vera Wang and Riedell boxes, I keep my cards, letters...everything that are treasures and memories to me.

I keep a black and white notebook from when i was in high school.  It has photos from magazines and things of celebrities that I adore, and fashion I love!

This is a close-up shot of my nanny's vintage dress, the beading is gorgeous.  Maybe I will show you the whole dress some day :) She wore it when she was a teenager, and it means a lot to me and my mum.

My first pair of Jeffrey Campbells...Love them! I think they are my favorite pair of shoes...

A Barbie from my childhood! The Calvin Klein barbie.  I adore it!

So this is a small personal part of me I decided to share with you.  I really appreciate all of you following my blog.  I never really thought I would have many followers, and you guys make my heart happy! So thank you so much!! Outfit post tomorrow guys! And a special "Shoe Post" on Sunday.  Showing you all my shoes!!



C'EST DEMODE said...

this is such a sweet post! the chest is gorgeous and filled with such treasures <3

xxo Tess S.

The white cabbage said...

your nanny's vintage dress is wonderful....wear it and post!

visit my blog post! I wait you


Charlie said...

Love the chest ;)
Really nice post xxx

Love Charlie

mariannaxoxo said...

it's really nice of you to share personal informations with us! i love the jeffrey cambell shoes they are edgy and fierce and love the close up to the vintage dress! hope you'll show it to us one day it seems beautiful

Aubrey said...

I have always wanted a hope chest! I especially love this one because I also love anything British! So perfect! I am definitely following your blog.


rolling tool chest said...

Love the chest ;)