In Vogue: Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

Have you guys received your April Vogue issues yet??  I was beyond excited when I read on the cover that there was a story about the know how I feel about them!

So of course I bought it right away and drove home as fast as I could (without getting pulled over) to read the article!  I love photos, but the best thing about the article was the amount of actual interview & facts!  I really enjoyed it!  Below is a preview from!



Behind the Row: Meet Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

Photographed by Bruce Weber

With all that dressing up, did they still want to play with clothes at home, like other girls? “Totally!” shouts Ashley. “I’d go through my closet all the time, putting things together—it looked like a tornado hit it.” “Still does,” they chorus, then play-bicker over a Céline sweater Mary-Kate had hijacked from Ashley. So there’s a demarcation line between their wardrobes? “Hmm,” says Smashley. “There’s hers, there’s mine. And a huge ‘maybe’ pile.”

Of their formative influences, Mary-Kate goes off into vivid detail about watching how women around them dressed. “We had our observations about fashion changing, when it went from being so eighties to the slipdress and the dark lip. We’d see students coming back from college in grunge. And then Lori Loughlin [Full House] had all this great Donna Karan.” It was around the time of the Gaultier menswear pinstripes. Then it hits: Grunge-era dressing is still the basis of their look today—all that skill they have in layering dresses, sweaters, tailoring, the constant, free-form experimentation and the seeing of possibilities in repurposing, rescaling, and mismatching things. But Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were born in 1986, and Marc Jacobs’s grunge collection for Perry Ellis came out in 1992. So this was when they were six? They nod, expressionless

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Yajaira said...

i love them
but they are looking really old - why
when they are still SOOO young
maybe is all the make up

but still they look great