Monsters in the End

Last night was the newest episode of Pretty Little Liars! What do you guys think?
Things are getting heated up...and the season finale is next week!!! EEk!!! I can't wait to see what happens...

I found a couple of things of what Aria & Hanna were wearing last night. I love Aria's sweater!!

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Hanna's black and white striped shirt
Urban Outfitters
Pins and Needles shirt

Aria's striped blue and black sweatshirt
cotton/cashmere striped dolman pullover



red's chic ♥ said...

nice shirt!

PIX said...

Hey!thank you for your comment about my chocolate cake, yes, let's follow each other!!Love pretty little liars style too!!

Mirela said...

Thank you, of course we can follow eachother here on blogger! :)

Yajaira said...

i have a facebook page too - hope you follow!

Vikki said...

Love the outfit in the last picture, it reminds me a bit of the one I posted today! And I have a passion for stripes!


Viv said...

i am obsessed with this show.. and i have no idea why.. but their hair is always done so nicely and their outfits are beautiful. it's cool that each has a different style so everyone can relate at least one of the characters ;)

Cindy Karmoko said...

hey thankyou for your sweet comment on my blog, will follow you back for sure!

Vanessa Valdivia said...

Hey swettie, thanks for the comment in my blog. I love the firt t-shirt, really cool. Hope you can follow me :).

Hugs from:

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