My New Hair

Hey readers! Two posts in one day! I know...crazy huh? I went and got my hair done last night. Cut off my long locks so that I could have a shorter, healthier look! Of course I can't wait for it to grow back...but it will be so beautiful when it does grow back long again!

Below is the photo I brought in to the hairdresser, of Camilla Belle, my FAVORITE! She is so painfully gorgeous. 

Of course when they cut my hair they straightened it haha, so it's not its naturally wavy self in the below photo, and I apologize for the no makeup/no cool outfit and they quality of the photo. It was taken on my brothers iPhone :) Let me know what you think!!

Below is a photo of the coat I am wearing :)

Isn't it lovely?

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Our Youth said...

like! :)

Sarah said...

Your hair looks lovely.
I love the coat! Where is it from?

Steffy's Pro's and Con's said...

the haircut looks amazing, and i lovee that coat! it is so stinkin cute! thanks for commenting on my blog :)

<3 steffy

Collections said...

Camilla Belle is SO gorgeous!! Love the background of your blog it's so great! I am now following :)

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Gabrielle said...

Loving the hair, great blog too! I'll definitely be back. Following. :)

Yajaira said...

really cute - love it

Carla McCarthy said...

Hey Hilary! Thanks to stopping by! Check it my etsy , I'm sure you will find something! I'm following you. You hair looks perfect. i had first the same lenght , and the other day i went it short! No regrets , just enjoying! beijos

Froso M. said...

Indeed, it is amazing!

Have a nice weekend,
Froso from Style Nirvana.

Laura Sherriffs said...

I love your hair, it looks lovely! :) Ive been tempted to go short recently, but Im still too terrified to take scissors anywhere near my hair! :P

NerdGlasses said...

Your blog is tres AMAZING!
Following you!
Follow me too? <3

if-I-were-Audrey said...

nice coat, nice hair, you look good :)

H Rija said...


I really like you blog and I am following you!

And i hope you return the favour - please and thank you!

My Lyfe ; My Story

Hillary said...

Thanks everyone!!! I will be checking out all your blogs tomorrow and following back :) xoxo


kirstyb said...

loving your coat x

Eline said...

Looks lovely!

Janine▲ said...

really nice haircut , i love it :)

Julie said...

nice hairstyle !

Hillary said...

Thanks everyone!!

I got the coat from a fellow blogger!! She was selling it and I was in LOVE!!!


Fashion Mom said...

that coat is amazing prettty !! love it x

Manon Margaretha said...

Ooh, I just fell in love with your coat, it's gorgeous !

Will you please check out my blog sometime? You can follow me if you like! (:

Lucie P. said...

Your hair looks lovely !! It's very beautiful ! :) And the coat is lovely too :) xoxo