Style Story: Pretty Little Liars

Monday nights, full of gossip & beautiful clothing!
The latest episode of Pretty Little Liars had me on the edge of my seat!!  Here are the looks from last nights episode and what brand they are so if you love the looks you can buy them!!!

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Style Story: Spencer Hastings
Sweater: Lucky Brand

Style Story: Emily Fields
Shirt: Lupuvia

Style Story: Aria Montgomery
Vest: Kelita
Shirt: James Perse
Skirt: Alex and Trixie
Boots: Guess

Style Story: Hanna Marrin
Blazer: Guess
Tank Top: Banana Republic
Skirt: BCBG
Boots: Coach

Style Story: Emily Fields
Top: H.I.P. at Nordstrom
Jacket: Sparkle and Fade



Annika said...

not only is pretty little liars an amaaazing show, the clothes are fabulous.
they are the ultimate style inspiration :)


Fabiénne said...

thanks for your lovely comment!! following!!!

p.s you live in Canada thats way better than boring old england!!


Hannie said...

I know, it's really great show! :D Love your blog, by the way,
xoxo from Hannie

Maria said...

!!! The shirt by Lupuvia that Emily wears in this episode is absolutely stunning. But I'm extremely sad because I can't find any information on the brand or the shirt itself to buy ANYWHERE?!?! Do you have an idea of where I could buy this?

Hillary Gail Stewart said...


I've been doing some research and can't seem to find the top that E wears in this episode! I will keep looking and inform you if I find it!

Thanks for visiting!