The best of Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga, queen of pop, is unafraid to push the boudaries when it comes to fashion.  She does what she wants when she feels like it and inspires everyone around her.  I personally look forward to her red carpet appearences and music videos.  Each one is better and more exciting then the last...

My reason for this post on Gaga is her new album (which I just bought yesterday) and that her infamous "meat" dress is now on display at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Also, in Lady Gaga's newest video she wore vintage Versace.  I have included the video "Edge of Glory" for your enjoyment below!!

I hope you are as Gaga for Gaga as I am!!!




Annika said...

ohmygod. she is amazing. her meat suit had so much critique but i think it was pure genius. GREAT post.


My Style Canvas said...

I love that Lady Gaga brought some fun and over the top glamour back into rock and roll, and dresses like (in my head) the way a rock star should look. The irony is she's a pop star not a rocker, and yet she's so... 70s rock glam in some ways.

eléna said...

def a cool woman, who's STILL on her way up!!! I love that she's just doin what she wants to do without feeling the need to aaalways be a sexy little sweetheart.