Fashion It Girl: Evelyn Messaris

Last week I started my string of interviews. There will be 1-2 interviews per week with fashionable girls from all over the world! 
This week, Evelyn Messaris is the It Girl I interviewed. Prepared to be "wowed" guys! She is very ambitious and has a great love for fashion!

Enjoy the interview with Evelyn and her photos! Make sure to check out her blogs as well: and



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1)Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Hi! I'm Evelyn Messari from Greece.
I am almost 21 and i now am at the 3rd year of Administration and Economy but I also am a blogger from F.R.P (Fashion Runway Project).
Apart from that i have attend some summer courses for fashion design at saint martins (university of art and design) in London!

2) Describe your personal style and its influences / inspiration.
First of all, I believe that Fashion is not just in the catwalks for fashion weeks around the world,the streets are the big runway and the people in it are the models. So try to see what people around you are wearing,you can get a lot of inspiration from it! You can see great styles walking around!
I take inspirations from everything that surrounds me, like a song, a person,fashion show, blogs,a movie and whatever.
I don't have a unique style but if I had to describe more specifically I would say that is chic.
Everybody should dress the way that makes them feel comfortable,and that's what i do!

3)What made you start blogging?
I opened my blog one year ago, in 2010.
i always loved to read fashion blogs but the passion for my own blog started when i was in London!
First i did that to share my outfits but then I wanted to show people that having passion for fashion (as i do!) means so much more than just love shopping. Some people think that just because they love shopping,that means they love Fashion and Fashion is SO MUCH MORE!
Also i love to capture moments and share them with people,it's a great way to contact people with the same passions follow them and get inspired from them or maybe somebody get inspiration from me,that's great!

4)What do you want to do/accomplish in the fashion world?
what I can do is to deal professionally with the fashion and getting people to wear what they love and make them feel comfortable, I hate fashion victims!

5)How did you first get interested in fashion and why is it important?
My mom always used to wear and buys very special pieces so that affected me and I noticed that from an early age i was careful in what i would wear and i was looking what others around me wearing! Also my grandmother was a clothing designer,I do not know if that affected me, however,my family say that i am just like her!

6)What are your greatest passions?
Fashion and fashion design are a big passions for me but not the only ones!
I love photography and attend a seminar at this time!
Some other passions for me it's theater(acting),traveling and art in in general!

7)Favorite designers and places to shop?
Alexander McQueen and Christopher Bailey who is responsible for the design of all Burberry collections are my favorites!
I also love Sophia Kokosalaki which is a greek designer and for sure Balenciaga.
I'm in love with Topshop and vintage stores.

8)Most loved/used item in your closet?
Topshop dress! :)

9)What's on your IPOD / bookshelf / DVD player at the moment?
On my iPod is Just Say Yes by Snow Patrol,this piece represents this time.
On my bookshelf there is a book called the art of seduction and on my DVD player is The Sixth Sense my favorite song ever!

10)The first thing you look at in another person's outfit is:
Generally i observed the whole outfit, but more specific I notice handbags and shoes!

11)A fashion rule you never break:
I will never be a fashion victim!

12)What is your next must have purchase?
I am in love with a dress from asos the online shopping store! i am gonna have it soon!

13)Are there any fashion icons or famous people whose style you admire?
I like looks from people in the streets or from other bloggers,but I love Alexa Chung,the Olsen twins and Blake Lively!

14) Next place you want to travel to:
I want to travel to California and New York to meet a relatives who live there!
But i think it's better to say I wanna have a world tour! :P

15)What is the ultimate showpiece in your closet?
a simple black dress that depending on how you will combine worn day and night!
(simple pieces general for the same reason!)

16)Which magazines, blogs,books, and movies are your favorites?
I read vogue,nylon and general magazines about fashion,style and photography!
I do not have a favorite but i usually read books talking about psychology because it is an industry that I love!
The Sixth Sense and Minority Report are my favorite movies but for sure there are more that i like!
And about my favorite blogs it's The Blonde Salad,Fashionvibe,Stylescrapbook and more!

17) What can't you live without?
I can't live without people i love,my camera and my wardrobe!

18) Your plan for the future?
I do not like to make long-term plans, but all I can say with certainty is that after I finish the university would like to combine with fashion through a Masters in fashion management!
And one more plan is that i am going to live in London!

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