Favorite Friday

This week has been great. I have been posting updates here regularly... I am totally getting back into the groove of things!

I am thinking that every Friday I will do a post about my weekly favorites... favorite things from the past week! Let me know what ya'll think!



 I went to NYC. I went to Laduree. I got severely addicted to their macarons. It's basically all I am craving for the past 2 weeks!! I MUST go to NYC or Paris ASAP to get some of these pieces of heaven.

Yes, there was snow where I live last weekend. It's all melted now, but being November and living in Canada; I had to break out my favorite scarf and hat set ! You may have seen the same hat and scarf on Chiara Ferragni (one of my favorite bloggers)!

I am in love with this new song by Rhianna. "We found love in a hopeless place..." just can't get it out of my head! I bet you guys will love it too!

My new red Frye Taylor Pull-on boots! As seen in the new Footloose movie (another fav this week)!! They are SO comfortable! Wearing them to the Farmers Market this week when I go visit my brother!

I LOVE dancing movies, always have always will. I love dancing too...ballet, jazz, hip-hop... I love it all! When I saw the preview for this movie I knew I would love it. I am going to see it on Tuesday, and I just can't wait!! Have any of you guys seen it yet? Did you like it?


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