Friday Favorites

This week has been something else...

It has started to snow, Christmas is in the air, and I am constantly singing Christmas music. Just a lovely time of year!! 

My favorites this week are almost ALL Winter/Christmas related. 

What are your favorite Christmas CD's or songs?



The new She & Him Christmas album is my FAVORITE! I can't get enough of it. Besides the fact I love Zooey Deschanel, this CD is amazing! It doesn't sound like the typical Christmas album. 
The Starbucks Festive drinks and cups are now available! I just CANT get enough!

Beautiful Orchids at the grocery store. I don't seem to know how to rotate this photo? If anyone can explain to me that would be great! 

EGG NOG!!!! I love eggnog. Can't get enough of it. I try to be good and buy the light Egg Nog but I end up drinking way more of it than I should! 

I forgot my favorite black blazer at my brothers place this past weekend. I thought I was going to go crazy without it. Very handy! It goes with everything and can make you dress UP or DOWN. Definite staple in my wardrobe. 

 I did a post on Leighton Meester yesterday and I mentioned this wonderful fragrance. It smells so lovely!!!

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Vandaleyez Makeup said...

I love Fall & Winter related tasty beverages :)
I think my favorite Christmas album to date is Frank Sinatra. Can't help but love the ole' crooner.