Gossip Girl: All the Pretty Sources

Yesterday was Monday, to me Mondays mean Gossip Girl!! 

The episode last night was about Blair and Louis's wedding shower. Of course with some fabulous twists and turns regarding the Gossip Girl site and all of the people who sent in tips! 

I won't reveal too much, just in case some of you haven't watched it yet! 

It ended with Chuck and Blair.... what else can I say? That's what I want! 

Onto a curious note, I wonder what was in those fabulous gift bags Serena was filling at the start of the episode?

Well my lovely readers, I found a few of the things that are in those bags!! Maybe you can make your own gift bag and pretend you were invited to the shower. 

Let me know if you guys noticed anything else that went into those bags!!! 



Spotted: Miss Dior Cherie Perfume and Emily Post's Etiquette book


Yajaira said...

love gossip girls


jamie marie said...

love gossip girl and hart of dixie. that's what i look forward to on mondays. unfortunately i couldn't watch last night so thanks for reminding me!