Leighton Meester: Inspiration

Leighton Meester is best known for her character on the hit TV show Gossip Girl.  She plays "Blair Waldorf" a strong, confident, witty woman. Blair Waldorf is my favorite character on television, Leighton Meester makes this character shine and I absolutely adore her.
Leighton is also the face of Vera Wang's newest fragrance "Love Struck". It smells like heaven, it really does. The bottle is beautiful to top it off, it is covered with beautiful roses. It is on my wishlist for Santa! 

Leighton also has starred in movies like Country Strong and The Roommate. 

When I was in NYC in October I had the lovely experience of meeting Leighton and Ed Westwick while they were filming Gossip Girl! Best experience of that trip! It was even better than meeting Cameron Diaz, Rod Stewart and Rebecca Minkoff. Although...meeting Betsey Johnson was pretty amazing too! 

I have always LOVED Leighton's style! I have some photos to share with you guys, I hope you like them! 

I think I am going to get my bangs cut again, inspired by Katie Holmes' photo on my last post. 



This photo is my favorite!

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Wooowww...I love all her looks!
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