Vera Wang Princess: Contest Photoshoot

Good morning readers! 

I am entered in a contest for Vera Wang. Basically, we have to make our own advertisement and we could win many splendid prizes!! 

The contest is now closed, but I thought I would show you guys my photos that were taken for the contest. 

I wore my Grandmothers vintage dress from the 50's that she used to wear out dancing! Plus, a tiara I received at a beauty pageant when I was 17 a beautiful faux fur jacket from ModCloth that I received as a gift last year. 

Vera Wang Princess perfume is one of my all time favorites, it smells sweet and delicious! You can smell the vanilla notes too which I love! 

I hope you guys like the photos! Let me know what you think. Also, I will be having a new fashionable interview with a fashion blogger, it girl, or style setter every week! If you are interested comment on this post and I will email you some questions. Make sure to leave your email (of course) and your blog URL. 




Anonymous said...

:) <3 I think as much as you love reading our comments, we love reading your blogs.

Hillary said...

Aw Thank you so much!! xo

Yajaira said...

cute dress
great set up for the photos

Happy Thanksgiving

Samantha Mariko said...

these are really cute! you look so happy :) Good luck to you!

Samantha Mariko

darkSol said...

Hill - I've said it before and i'll say it again... You're the new Anne Hathaway.

Just read that you won this contest. Damn skippy!

If some studio/agent/designer doesn't hurry up and scoop you up ASAP they're idiots.

-Uncle D xoxo

darkSol said...
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