Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2011

Last night THE fashion show we all know and love finally aired on television. 

The Angels were dressed up in all things sexy and magical and ready to walk down that prestigious runway!

I was excited! I love the Victoria's Secret Angels! They all seem to be happy, down to earth, beautiful and REAL.

If you missed out on the show; don't fret! The Brunette Shake is here to fill you in on the best fashion show ever!

Jay-Z, Kanye West, Maroon 5, and Nicki Minaj all performed and it was fantastic. You can even see Orlando Bloom standing up and clapping (big time clapping) every time his wife, Miranda Kerr, walked the runway. 

Check out the photos and videos below, you won't be disappointed!

Plus, Miranda Kerr had the honor of wearing the 2.5 million dollar fantasy bra this year!



The above photo of Miranda...she's wearing the 2.5 million dollar fantasy bra!!

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