Lindsay Standfast: Photographer at Large

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I hope all of you are doing well. My next interview is with the always wonderful Lindsay Standfast from Ontario, Canada. I have known her since we were young, and she has always displayed passion and commitment in all her endeavors. Photography is her poison, and she is wonderful at it! 

Not to mention fashion forward and unique. 

I hope you enjoy this interview, I know I did!

You can check out Lindsay's Tumblr here:



Tell us a little bit about yourself and where you live.
I'm a 22 year old Art History major studying at the University of Guelph. Born and raised in Paris Ontario, I work two jobs as an IT Technician on campus and as a caretaker at a local zoo; as well as trying to study and photograph all at the same time. Not to mention my start-up photography company LethalSheep Photography. I couldn't go a day without music and have big plans to travel across Canada once I've graduated, as well as scoping out all the best hills this side of the border. I wouldn't be anywhere in life without the solid backing that are my family and friends.

  How did you first get interested in photography and why is it important?

I was first interested in photography at about 15. For some reason that Christmas I got a whole lot of money and the first thing I decided I wanted was a digital camera. It then became very much a part of me. The very act of taking the photograph is deeply personal but the fact that the end product is something everyone can see is quite the juxtaposition.

  What are your passions?

There are so many! Art, Photography, Music, Swimming, Snowboarding, Tech, Literature, Kendo. I try to keep myself as occupied as possible!

  Top 3 places to visit in Ontario:
Toronto - Love the urban fast paced atmosphere! Ottawa - Only been a couple times but its always a must see! Northern Ontario - Years ago my dad took my family up to the area he goes moose hunting. It was so far away from civilization and people, the remoteness was refreshing, and the landscape is something else.

  Where are your favorite places to take photos?
Everywhere! I always feel like I'm looking at a scene as if I'm about to photograph it. It brings out the beauty in everything, you just need to know HOW to look as opposed to WHERE to look.

  What kind of cameras do you use?
My current best friends are a Canon T1i, with the kit 18-55mm lens and then my professional 70-200mm lens. I hope to be expanding that collection soon! I also shoot film and for that I use an old Canon AE1-Program manual SLR with a great 50mm lens with hopes of upgrading to a Mamiya.

  Favorite kind of photos you take?
I love doing event photo's! It allows me to capture those in the moment shots and always has some sort of movement to them! I gravitate towards concert photo's and sports, but when I get the chance I'll take portraits and landscapes and try my hand at different creative applications. When I'm finished school I plan on moving around a lot and so I can see my photo's taking a very photo-journalistic turn.

  What made you start up your own blog/Tumblr? 
The Tumblr came out of a challenge that I set myself for 2011, which was to take a photograph for every day of the year. I was so close to succeeding; but a busy two job, school, and volunteering schedule got in the way for a bit and rendered all of my free time useless. I was so proud though to have gotten that far and I'm setting myself the same goal for 2012.

  You started a new blog recently (change from your daily photo blog). Can you explain the concept behind it? 
The new blog is just an extension of my 2011 challenge blog with the added bonus that it is going to be a lot more personal. I'm starting a new (sort of) raw food diet which is going to be a huge change in lifestyle for me. I've already transitioned to being vegetarian and eat vegan when I can, the next step is cutting out most processed food. Also at this point in time in my life I'm doing so much and I actually feel like it's worthy of sharing. Travel, sport, food, animals I mean who doesn't love all of that right?

  What is the latest project or idea that you're working on? 
Amidst all my theory essays for class, I'm working on photographing and choosing which photo's I want to enter into the Google Photography Prize. This is the first year that it's running and I want to give it my best shot. Even to be given something like an honorable mention; because truthfully there's lots of stiff competition out there!

  Describe your personal style and its influences/inspiration.
I think I'm in a transitioning phase right now. I'm halfway in between what I would call university casual chic (haha) and a more professional wardrobe as I'm in the last years of my schooling. In all honestly though I like keeping things simple. Boots, great jeans, a tee, and a well structured blazer never go wrong in my eyes! I have been on the hunt though for some great structured dresses and have recently gotten into thrifting, and Guelph has some great second hand stores! Then there's the branded snowboarder in me, more often then not it'll be a Burton or Fox tee under the blazer.

  What is your beauty routine and what products do you use? (hair, make-up, skin care , perfume etc) 
I would be lying if I said I wouldn't be lost without my L'Oreal sulfate free shampoo, this stuff is AMAZING, and it smells delicious too! Most of the time I wear my hair naturally wavy so I use the leave in conditioner from the same line. After showering I always lather on Clinique Coco Butter which keeps my skin from drying out. For my face I use Lush's Ocean Salt cleanser which is an amazing exfoliant and can be used on any part of your body, but I find it works best on my face. For daytime make-up I use Clinique foundation, Urban Decay's Naked Pallet (more often then not the Naked colour itself) and mascara. If I'm dressed a little nicer I like to use the Maybeline lip stain in nude just to add definition to my lips. Night time is more fun, bold colours and highlights for my eyeshadow and a nice dark red lip to make everything look polished.

  Favorite designers and places to shop? 
There is no one specific place, but I do find myself in H&M a lot just because they have so many great basic pieces. Every once in a while I succumb to the snowboarder in me and find myself in Burton or Roots hoodies and jackets and socks but I try to keep that to the slopes. And again Guelph has an amazing vintage scene where you can pick up a lot of cool pieces for bargain prices!

  The first thing you look at in another person's outfit is:  
How well it flows. You can have the greatest pieces in the world, yet if you don't put it together to make a cohesive whole then it sort of just falls flat and throws the whole outfit off - great pieces or not.

  Your favorite colour(s) of the moment are: 
Totally depends on what I'm looking at, I think too much in photographic terms. Sometimes one single colour won't stand out to me but as soon as you put it with another it just pops! Just the other day I saw a dress with this dark grey/purply colour and it looked slightly bland against the white backdrop, but the front of the skirt had a slit and underneath were all these colours! Green, yellow, orange and it all tied together so nicely I just couldn't believe it!.

  What is your next "must have" purchase? 
That was actually just ordered yesterday! An awesome oxford style blazer with elbow patches from Forever21.

  Are there any fashion icons or famous people whose style you admire? 
Natalie Portman, I think she is a great actress and has a very confident sense of style.

  Do you feel fashion repeats itself? What do you think is the latest trend to appear/reappear, and what are your thoughts on it?
I would never say 'repeats' but rather it does build and appropriate ideas that already existed, turning them into something that is more suitable for today's culture. And this may be specific to university life but the whole 'ivy league' look seems to be back in, with oxford shoes, the sweaters and leather bags. But again it has been appropriated to fit today's fashion context.

  Are there any photographers whose work you admire (the most)? 
Erwin Olaf for his magnificent, highly surreal portraits and portrait landscapes. Jeff Wall(Canadian!) for his large scale masterpieces and Nick Knight for his style in fashion photography!

What advice would you give to an aspiring photographer?  
 Photography IS NOT a formula, you can manipulate and create just as if you were a painter and create something that is completely unique to you. Meddle with the aspects and subjects you find interesting and never be afraid to mess it up, because ultimately the more you screw up in photography the more you learn about it and yourself!

  Favorite item of clothing in your closet? Probably what I call my 'marching band' jacket from H&M. I love jackets and blazers to pieces and now have a small collection going.

  What is your most cherished item? 
My camera, I see so much better through it.

  Favorite book/movie/magazine? 
Three Views of Chrystal Water/Harry Potter1-7/Aperture

What's on your iPod/bookshelf/DVD player at the moment?
Turn off this song and go outside - The Lonely Forest/Camera Lucida - Roland Barthes/The Art Of Flight

  What can't you live without?  
My Iphone, it keeps me connected to everything.

  Next place you want to travel to (and why):
I travel all over Ontario during the winter for Snowboarding, and will be hitting up Tremblant over Christmas Break, then New York in February on a school trip!

  In the year 2016 you will be: Either doing my master's in New York or London OR still traveling the world!

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