Product Comparison

I had very sensitive skin, so I try to test different products on a regular basis. 
Sally Hansen Airbrush Spray VS. Aero  Minerale Make-up Mist

Airbrushing is taking the place of brush/sponge applied foundation. Both of these products seem the same, but they are very different. 

I tested both products on my arm to see the result (see below) the Sally Hansen spray bubbled and smelled awful when I sprayed in on and it did not blend into my skin.  I felt covered in heavy make-up. A pro for Sally Hansen is that this product is Natural and better environmentally for your skin. It doesn’t have certain chemicals in it that can be harmful. Although this was a natural product, my skin had a bad reaction to it and I ended up with very dry and sore skin. The reaction though, may not have the same effect on everyone.

The Aero Minerale mist went on smooth, with a nice natural odor. It blended into my skin and within seconds was like I wasn’t wearing any make-up at all! My choice product was Aero Minerale, and this product is also environmentally friendly and used by celebrities! For you Twilight lovers it was actually used in the making of the movies! HOW COOL!

A key to help you find the best Air Brush Mist for you is simple! Just make sure to try it when you are at the store before you purchase it. Spray a small amount on the inside of your hand (thin skin like your face) and rub it in.  Wait a few moments and decide if you like the outcome.  Everyone’s skin is different and unique!

Good luck readers and I want to hear if you found the perfect Air Brush make-up for your skin!

Check out the article on Aero Minerale being used Twilight! HERE

The orangey colour is the Sally Hansen product...even though the colour said Ivory (my colour) is don't look very nice! Notice that spot beside it? That perfect colour? That's Aero Minerale!

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