Hayden Williams: Fashion Illustrator

My favorite people to Google for newest fashion are most definitely Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. When I was Google-ing away this morning I discovered Hayden Williams! His illustrations are the most exciting things I have seen in a long time, and we will for sure (no doubt in my mind) be making an impact on the fashion world (more so than he has already!).  I looked at his Tumblr and followed him on Twitter. I just can't get enough!
I hope you guys are as inspired by his illustrations as I was! I have included some of them below for your eyes to devour. I am sure you will love them! 
You can check out Hayden's Tumblr account here: http://haydenwilliamsillustrations.tumblr.com/ 

My favorites (so far) of his wonderful illustrations are below. Let me know what you think of him, and make sure to add his Tumblr to your favorites...he posts new things frequently!



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Oh I like pics very much,,,they are just amazing,,,