Motivation: Get Fit #2

New Years Resolutions, Goals...

We all want to have perfect bodies, for me I would like to have a curvy fit body while being healthy and feeling beautiful. 

I have been looking for inspiration! I love Pintrest and I found a few great photos that are helping inspire my    "get fit" goals for 2012! 

So far I have gone running, done work-outs at home and of course YOGA (my favorite thing). I would like to run at least 3 times a week to train for a 5 km run, do yoga once a week, and do daily morning exercises.

Of course, being active is not the only thing to a fit lifestyle...I have to start eating better too! That means no more McDonalds, no more cake or chips... :( Although, I can still treat myself every once and a while! 

Check out some photos below for some inspiration! 



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