The Brunette Shake's Bucket List

Everyone should have a Bucket List, I have a lengthy one (in my head I have a running list); I thought I would share some of my list with you guys! Do you have a list? Has the list made you realize your dreams? Does the list encourage you to do things?

I found these photos on Pinterest (I have an addiction...) and some of the photos were of what were on my list! So it was really meant to be shared... (Follow me on Pinterest: HERE)

Some of my list has been accomplished (baked cheesecake, tried sushi, swim with dolphins, meet the Dutchess of Cambridge and Prince William, Go to NYC...etc) and I hope that my dreams will continue to become a reality!!

Some of my Bucket List that isn't shown in the photos are as follows:
Learn to swim
Do a back flip
Swim with sharks
Get kissed on the Eiffel Tower
Visit Carrie Bradshaw's apartment
Visit the Pyramids in Egypt
Go to Brazil
Take a walk (or guided tour whatever is safer) in the Rainforest
Travel to Africa
Go see Owen and Mzee (Hippo and it, you will want to see them too!)
Go to Las Vegas
Go to London, England
 Run a 5km Race
Dance on the bar at Coyote Ugly to "I love Rock and Roll"
Drive a Vespa

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