Fashion Timeline: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are my favorites. Top of the list style setters. I can't help but love them!

I loved them since the days of Full House! I grew up watching them grow and their careers just got bigger and bigger. 

They grew from dressing a like to having a very unique style. In my eyes (and almost everyone else's) they are style ICONS. People we will look back upon when we are older and tell our daughters about them. 

I kept all my Mary Kate and Ashley books and movies (on VHS, I think I need to buy the DVD's) and gave them to my little sister, Olivia. Now that she is finished with them I will keep them for my daughter. They were funny, feel good kind of stories! 

Mary-Kate and Ashley's style/fashion has been a journey all on its on. They evolved, and now they run 5 brands of clothing (4 if you don't include Textile brand), got on a cover of Vogue, and are seen front row at the hottest fashion shows. 

Here is a brief walk through time for Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. 


Fashion Icons are born. Mary-Kate and Ashley as babies.

Dressing alike
I often seen them dressing a like whenever I received/saw photos of them at events.

Dressing alike, It was the 90s remember, this style was IN!
Individual personalities start to come out...
On the Two of a Kind show, they played exact opposites. It was one of my favorite shows to watch as a child! I loved their ever changing hair styles.
Ashley: Girly Mary-Kate: Tomboy
The fashion in their movie "Our lips are sealed" was my favorite out of all their movies. Cute and modern.

16 years old and still dressing alike!
Personalities start to come out in what they wear and Mary-Kate even dyed her hair brown!
I went to see New York Minute at the movie theatre. I really enjoyed it! Again, they played opposites, but it was enjoyable start to finish.
Live on MuchMusic, look at the outfits! Mary Kate more funky and unique and Ashley is classic in a black dress.
While attending NYU the "dumpster chic" style came out (mostly Mary Kate I noticed) but really I think it was kind of cool! They were forging their own paths through fashion and trying new things. They were being daring! People should respect that.

Front Row at the Chanel show in 2008. My favorite looks EVER. I love how Ashley is showing she is still unique with trendy leather leggings, oversized sweater and that head scarf is amazing and I wish I had one! Mary-Kate went for a classic Chanel look which was equally amazing. This is when (I think) they really started to make their mark as Fashion Icons.

Influence. Basically the best book you can buy if you are interested in fashion, art, inspiration, Mary Kate and Ashley.  They are both unique individuals and they books makes you see into their real life. Beyond the tabloids!

Fashion Icons. Different unique styles. They are who I look for whenever I get a new magazine. I don't have a favorite, their outfits are always so different it's hard to choose! They compliment each other, and it's really quite wonderful.

StyleMint is their online monthly t-shirt subscription club. I am a member and I am in love with the items. Beautifully made and wonderful material! They also have their high end line The Row, Elizabeth and James, TEXTILE Elizabeth and James,and a line at JC Penney called Olsenboye. No matter how big your bank account you can buy something they designed themselves. It's really quite amazing!  I hope to continue to buy their items far into the future.
They finally made it on the cover of Vogue. That causes for celebration all on its own!


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