Gossip Girl: The Princess Dowry Episode Review

Monday night = Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars for this girl. I was sadly disappointed in last nights episode of Gossip Girl...

What are the writers thinking?? This whole Blair and Dan thing is throwing me off, they couldn't be more different...and the Blair I know and love would not date someone who doesn't look like the wash their hair...Dan and Blair are destined for unhappiness, she should be with Chuck no matter what happens. 

Follow-up from last episode was that CeCe (Serena's grandmother) passed away. We are all curious as to what is in the Will and what else CeCe had up her sleeve as her final prank on her family.

It turns out that CeCe planned and paid for her Wake and funeral before she passed away so everything was in full swing at the Van der Woodsen's before anyone even realized what was happening. Serena's father made an appearance where we found out some very juicy information. HE is the father of the real Charlie (goes by Lola), which is just so disturbing, I feel so terrible for Serena and Lily....Also it turns out Mr. Van der Woodsen is the Executor to CeCe's estate! Weird choice don't you think? Upon reading the Will at the Wake, it is discovered that CeCe left everything (even Lily and Rufus's apartment) to Ivy Dickens AKA fake Charlie.... what the hell right? I was shocked! Ivy was evil enough to throw out Lily and Rufus after the wake...what a b*tch! Not very pleased with that character, but I am sure lots of drama will occur now.

Starting at the beginning of the episode, Blair is trying to get out of her marriage to Louis without having to pay the Dowry. Cyrus thinks he found a loophole in the Pre-nup, but it turns out that his plan will not work (or so we think) so Blair takes it into her own hands and makes up a scheme with her Royal Keeper (who turns out to be in love with Louis). That falls through as well thanks to the always gorgeous Georgina and her plot to ruin the entire Upper East Side. Georgina steals Dan phone and send the infamous photo of Blair and Dan kissing on Valentines Day to Gossip Girl, since Georgina left her husband in charge of posting Gossip Girl tips while she is at the Wake he makes the mistake of posting who the photo came from "Dan"... The deal that Blair made with the Royal Keeper ends up being fake, and in turn her family must pay the dowry as it is now in the Press (Gossip Girl) that she is being unfaithful to Louis with Dan...oh Blair, quite the mess you've gotten yourself into! All for...Dan Humphrey?? Really Blair??

Chuck confronts Dan where Dan admits to sending the video (video that was aired at the Royal Wedding) and that he has been keeping Chuck away from Blair since the car accident. Blair doesn't really get that angry at Dan? Which is weird since if Chuck did something like this she would be so upset...what is happening to the Queen B we know and love? 

Blair then tells Chuck she will always love him, but that doesn't mean that she is IN love with him...then she runs off to Dan and tells him what she said to Chuck. Gross. There was lots of kissing between Dan and Blair this episode and it just doesn't look right - you know what I mean? 

In my mind Blair and Chuck belong together, sure he's done bad things in the past but he has grown up, and so has Blair - she's quite the schemer as well!!

 What did you guys think of the episode? I am getting sick of the Dan and Blair thing, I am actually hoping for more screen time of Serena! But I guess we all have to wait until April 2nd to find out what happens...the show doesn't return until then!

On a positive note, love Georgina's cut-out dress and Serena looked very pretty the entire episode! 

Let me know your thoughts, 



Anonymous said...

Great review! I really do wonder whether the writers have just gone insane.

I agree -- I was staring at G's dress the entire time! (Boobs! I'm also a straight girl, but boobs!)

Can't wait for a new ep of GG. I want to see what Ivy's capable of. :)

Adelina Alexander said...

Hi again,I guess that's where you keep the good gossip:) I just followed you on your other blog and I did the same here, I followed you:)


Anonymous said...

Hi. Finally someone who agrees with me that Dan and Blair do not belong together, I repeat DO NOT. Haha. Anyways, I am also feeling that Serena isn't getting enough attention. I feel really bad for her, like she isn't getting anything good this season, she has no job, no great friendship with Blair anymore, because of course of the whole stupid Blair-Dan thing... and she also has no boyfriend. I know, that the Serena/Nate thing was over a long time ago, but I still feel they were amazing together, just like Blair and Chuck. So, Nate and Lola, not loving it. I hope you consider writing about my views if you agree. I also hope that the writers are going to make the right choices from now on... Thanks!