Gossip Girl S5E16 "Cross Rhodes" Review

Monday Night is Gossip Girl Monday! So of course, I cuddled up in a blanket and got ready for the fireworks to start...

Gossip Girl has been a mess lately, the car accident with Chuck and Blair, "Charlie", Blair having feelings for Dan...

I just wish Blair would BE with Chuck as it should be. Dan's character is dirty now and I mean...please cut your hair! Since when does the Queen B we all know and love want to be with someone like Dan Humphrey?? She belongs with Chuck...

Overall I hated this episode! Chuck was wonderful with his scheme to make Dan lose his writing deal, he did a good job and it has been a while since there was a good scheme in Gossip Girl.

Blair realized she had feelings for Dan...then immediately after she tells Dan this she calls Chuck. Why would she even want to try being with Dan when Chuck loves her more than anything? Who cares if in Dan's book "Insider" he makes it seem like he loves Blair?!

Serena and Dan were together first, and now Dan is with Blair, don't forget the infamous stint with Georgina... He sure is making his way around all the Upper East Siders, and he isn't even that hot!  

I will be very disappointed in this show in Blair ends up with Dan. He is everything she isn't! 

Sorry for ranting readers but this episode made me very upset!

Another negative part of this episode was that CeCe (Serena's grandmother) passes away at the very end of the show. CeCe always brought such drama, I wonder why they decided to kill her character off?

Charlie (Ivy) is confronted by the real Charlie (goes by Lola) at the hospital before CeCe passes away, now all the Van der Woodsen's know that Ivy was an imposter! What will happen next I wonder? Seeing as Ivy was with CeCe taking care of her before she passed away? I think some drama is going to happen with the Will! 

Now I wonder what will happen next week...


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