Gossip Girl: Spotted

The biggest thing on my mind when I watch Gossip Girl is who will Blair Waldorf end up with?! Well due to recent events like her running away from her reception, ending up with Prince Louis, saying "No" to Chuck (again) and being with Dan Humphrey. During filming on February 6th in NYC there were photos showing Blair kissing Dan while wearing a beautiful gown...I do not approve of this Queen B!

Anyways, I will try not to show my distaste towards her choice of suitor...there is always hope for Chuck and Blair though. They will find their way back...
“Chuck and Blair are never over,”

- Josh Safran (Executive producer of Gossip Girl) 
Check out the photos below!



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Despina T. said...

let's just hope that this could be an imaginary scene and not sth that is going to happen in the show for real!blair and chuck belong together, but also i love the way dan adores her :) great post