Mischa Barton: Style Inspiration of the Week

Mischa Barton is well known for her acting on the hit TV series "The OC". Mischa played Marissa Cooper, a beautiful but lost teenage girl.

On and off screen Mischa has always had fabulous style. Her street style is quite grungy, but has 70's flair. I quite enjoy seeing her new outfits, they always spark my imagination. 

I have a folder on my desktop with Fashion Inspirations, one folder dedicated to Mischa alone. I have decided to share some of my favorites! 

I hope you enjoy. Let me know what you think of it! 


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Maldwyn Dobbs said...

Mischa Barton is a lovely young woman and i hope she continues tobe the person she truly is. I bet she'd be a great woman to have a coffee with. Mischa Barton is Gorgeous!