Spotted: Gossip Girl 5x17 "The Princess Dowry" Episode Stills

Spotted: Gossip Girl spoiler photos from an upcoming episode.

It's Gossip Girl Monday guys! That means lots of drama, fashion & this is the Valentines Day episode so I will say LOVE as well.  Tonight's episode "Crazy Cupid Love" will be an exciting one. To top all this off I have spoiler photos :) 

I think Chuck and Blair should just BE together!

Seeing these photos I can predict the following: 

  1. Charlie (the fake one) will make an appearance with her "mother" 
  2. Based on the title of this episode (5x17) I will also guess that there is a Dowry that will be paid or discussed as Blair doesn't want to stay married to Prince Louis.


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tiago said...

Hi! what do you think is going to happen with the Rhodes money? will it be all to the real or to the fake charlie? What will happen to Lily? ...