So sorry for my 14 day hiatus. Someone tried to break into my blogger account and in turn I got locked out! 

I had an outfit post done 12 days ago to show you all, but I guess it's better late than never! 

I love fringe, and got inspired by recent posts about upcoming music festivals like Coachella (next year I am going!). So I got my fringe Jessica Simpson vest out, my most favorite Frye boots and my lucky white lace dress(not sure where the dress is from, it was vintage!). As you can see in the photos there was still snow on the ground, but it was a nice 31 degrees Celsius out the day I took the photos!

I can't wait for real Spring weather, I found 2 pairs of Levi 501 cutoff shorts this weekend! TWO pairs! And they fit me just how I wanted them too. One pair is cut off and you can see the ragged ends (these ones are tighter fitting) and the second pair is a loose fit and the shorts are a tad longer and rolled up. I found them at a Winners, I guess they had imperfections and were supposed to be jeans but Levi's turned them into shorts. Their loss is my gain I guess! 

Also pleased to announce with the winner of the Footloose DVD giveaway! 
Congratulations Leah Baird!

Make sure to enter my March giveaway, it ends this Friday (March 30th) **ENTER HERE!!!!!**

Thanks for reading, I hope you guys are having a wonderful week so far. 



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A said...

Love those boots! Missed your blog!