Spotted: Gossip Girl: Con-Heir

Gossip Girl won't be back until April 2nd, but that doesn't mean I haven't been doing my research into the newest episode!

Lily ,in the last episode, reveals that it was Uncle Jack Bass who saved Chuck's life after the car accident as he needed an emergency blood transfusion during his surgery.  But isn't Jack living pretty far away??

Also, I am currently wondering about the return of Elizabeth Hurley's character, Diana. We all remember her burning a photo of herself... I wonder if she is Chuck's real mother?

After some extensive research I have found out that the photos of Blair in her pink dress kissing Dan (which we will see in Episode 19) are NOT from a dream sequence.Which is bad for my love of Chuck and Blair BUT Chuck (I imagine) will be busy dealing with Jack Bass and probably won't be around or have the time to plot and scheme and mope about Blair and Dan (the thought of Dan and Blair still repulses me).
As for us Chuck and Blair lovers I think we just need to remember what Safran (Gossip Girl creator) once told the world in an interview: "Chuck and Blair are never over."
  The promo for the show's April 2nd return shows Dan and Blair's lack of...sexual chemistry. So this means that Dan and Blair will have sex for the first time...which means they are serious about each other. How far can this relationship really go? Dan doesn't understand the Upper East Side and Blair's dreams of being a powerful woman. Chuck understands as he is quite the powerful man himself. But time will tell, my Gossip Girl forcast calls for a powerful Season Finale; maybe with the return of Chuck and Blair?

As for Serena, I think that she will find out about her "sister" Lola. I believe Lily will find out about the affair the Dr. Van der Woodsen was having with Lily's sister while they were still married! Oh the drama that will be unfolding in the next few episodes...

Oh yes, and what will happen to Ivy (Fake Charlie as we all know her)? She has the money and everything from CeCe now...I really hope this is some mistake because I can't stand the Ivy character.

Stay tuned for more information! I will be sure to keep you all in the loop with every little detail that I find out!

Check out the preview below for the next episode! What do YOU think will happen?




Sheree Milli said...

love GG. x

EDavis325 said...

Hi Hillary,

Thanks for the insight. But can I did figure out the kiss sequence from between DAIR on the stairs of the Met was in fact NOT from a dream? I'm a DAIR shipper and was excited to hear that, but always take things with a grain of salt and skepticism. I don';t like to get my hopes up if there's a chance it's not true...

Cel said...

I can't stand seeing Dan and Blair together..:(
I still go for Chuck and Blaire

Cel said...

Still love Blair and Chuck!

Hillary Gail Stewart said...

It was confirmed that it was NOT a dream sequence by the creator of the show! Safran revealed it in a recent interview.

Thanks for reading! xo

no_white_rabbit said...

I used to LOVE blair and chuck, but now, I can't stand blair anymore. she and humphrey are just so annoying, I hope chuck will be over her soon, so he can find someone else and be happy! I'm lately thinking, that he and Serena would be a great couple, but that is just a little odd thought of mine...

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