Charlotte Free - Announcement

We've all seen the videos (if you haven't you're missing out, and I shared them below with you!) 

Charlotte Free is the new face of Maybelline! Partnership with Maybelline... I mean WOW.

P'Trique of  Shit Fashion Girls Say on YouTube and Charlotte Free, announced the news in their own cheeky way: a YouTube video where the very chic P'trique can't keep Charlotte's secret to himself/herself (I know He is acting like a She...), spilling it (in hilarious cameos) to New York fashion royalty like Betsey Johnson...

Charlotte Free is already the face of Forever 21, and has also walked for Vivienne Westwood Red Label and Marchesa, but this partnership with Maybelline is sure to propel her into the mainstream market, so I am sure we will be seeing this pink-haired beautiful young lady more and more! The next Coco Rocha perhaps?

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