Christian Louboutin: Cinderella Shoe

Just last week while day dreaming about the day I will get married, I thought "I wonder if I can buy glass slippers like Cinderella" 

This morning, while reading WWD it has been announced that the one and only Christian Louboutin will be designing a pair of his own magical shoes in honor of Walt Disney’s rerelease of “Cinderella” on DVD this fall reported Women's Wear Daily. 

These magical heels will be unveiled this summer. 

I must admit, I can't wait. But I wonder...will there be the signature red sole? 

If you haven't seen Cinderella (I don't know who in the world hasn't seen it...) it is about a girl who is forced to live with her evil stepsisters and step mother after her father tragically passes away. Cinderella is forced to do the housework while the step "monster" and step sisters go out and have a affluent social life. Cinderella is forced to wear rags! But of course Cinderella has some friends, the mice that live in her house and other animals.Cinderella wishes to go to a ball where the Prince will be, she cries after she is forced to stay home after her mice and bird friends make her a gown...and what appears while she cries you ask? Her Fairy Godmother of course! Her Fairy Godmother grants her a carriage, a ball gown and the famous "glass slippers", the only catch being that she must be home by midnight, for everything will disappear at midnight! Cinderella attends the ball, looking gorgeous and catches the eye of Prince Charming, they dance and fall in love. Cinderella notices the time and runs out of the ball without giving Prince Charming her name. Her one glass slipper falls from her feet while she is running. The Prince keeps the slipper and goes through the kingdom in a search for his missing love.  There are twists and turns of course, but Prince Charming eventually finds his love and they live happily ever after....

I, of course, will be sharing photos of Christian's designs whenever they are officially released! Stay tuned. 

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In the meantime, enjoy some photos from the classic Disney movie "Cinderella".




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