Don't Trust the B- in Apartment 23 : Premiere Episode Review

When I initially saw the previews for the release of this show, I ran to my bedroom and wrote down the premiere date and time on my calendar. 

Then I heard rumours via Twitter that you could download Episode 1 AND 2 on iTunes, so of course I immediately downloaded both episodes and watched them back to back. I don't want to spoil episode 2 for anyone just in case they don't have iTunes, but I will say this: FUNNIEST SHOW EVER! It really is a must see, I promise you will not be disappointed!

So the cast itself just makes me want to giggle! The main characters are June and Chloe, played by Dreama Walker and Krysten Ritter. Chloe's best friend in the show is played by James Van Der Beek and he played basically a fictionalized version of himself. It's pretty darn side splitting!

The show starts off with showing Chloe on top of June's birthday cake making out with June's financee, when Chloe walks in and sees. Then the show "rewinds" and takes you to a few days before. 

June moved to NYC to pursue her dream job after getting her MBA. She goes to see a beautiful (expensive looking) apartment, then hurries off to her new job. Once June gets to her dream job she realizes (uh oh) that it has been closed down due to the boss taking money (billions of dollars) from clients. 

You see June placing an ad for "roommate wanted" and she goes to a few interviews with some strange characters when she finally meets Chloe. Who seems to be pretty amazing! June agrees to move in, on her way out of the interview with Chloe she meets Ronnie who calls to her from Apartment 21, who tells her "Don't trust the bitch in Apartment 23!"

June of course moves in anyways.

It starts with Chloe walking around naked, a pervert living in the next building who can see into the apartment (this is in NYC remember, everything is super close to each other).

Chloe walks in on June in the tub and announces her new Alexander McQueen clutch that she bought with June's "extra rent".

Chloe leaves and comes back to all her furniture sold to the girl in Apartment 21. She also sold an ottaman which was sentimental to Chloe. They go on a hunt for it, buy it back, and then Chloe cuts open the bottom where she has hid her $1000 dollars worth of Chinese Energy Tablets.

June gets mad and leaves, when she finds her fiancee Steven, Steven's 12 year old subject, and a nurse who cares for the 12 year old.

Chloe finds out that Steven is cheating on June with the nurse, tells June (who doesn't believe her) and this makes Chloe sleep with Steven on top of June's birthday cake so that June will believe her... turns out Steven was also sleeping with the Nurse's sister...oops.

All in all this episode was fantastic! I thoroughly enjoyed myself, the Chloe character really stands out to be a fiesty girl. I can't wait to review the rest of the episodes for this show...not to mention the outfits are super chic and down to earth. I mean, any girl could wear them!

Did you guys watch the Season Premiere? Let me know your thoughts!



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