Gossip Girl Review: Con-Heir

Gossip Girl was back on air last night!

I missed my Monday night ritual that's for sure. I am not enjoying the story line about Blair and Dan. I mean really...it's just dumb. It's DAN HUMPHREY! In this episode Blair and Dan (after trying and being interrupted numerous times) finally "seal the deal" and have sex....only it is not to either of their standards. So they both get drunk and do it in an elevator. I just found this whole part of the episode was very...awkward. I mean, Chuck Bass never had issues in bed?

As for Chuck, it seems like he is going on a emotional roller coaster. Jack DIDN'T donate the blood that saved his life. Chuck found this out by hiring a young child actor to play a cancer ridden boy and going on a nurse's computer while she was away from her desk. It turns out that Jack Bass has Hepititis C and is unable to donate blood. So then Chuck finds out it was his mother that saved his life (Elizabeth, we all remember her!). Although readers...I don't believe it was her!! I think it was Diana Payne who donated the blood and is Chucks mother...we will see! 

In the last episode Georgina mailed Serena the Gossip Girl lap top. Serena took over the site, this is going to get interesting folks! 

The Ivy Dickens being on CeCe's Will has brought up some major issues. 

  1. She kicked Rufus and Lilly out of their apartment and is now living there
  2. Carol (Lilly's sister) got nothing on the Will. No inheritance! 
  3. Carol is blackmailing William (Father of Serena and Eric and supposively Lola) because he is the Executor of CeCe's estate and she will do anything for her inheritance
William (being blackmailed remember) asks Ivy for a portion of her cheque for his Cancer Fund Party idea. Throwing this party will get Ivy on the social map since Lilly and Serena basically own the Upper East Side and no one will help Ivy because of what she did.  Lola overhears Ivy and William discussing the cheque.  The chain of events are as follows>

  1. Carol blackmails William for him to somehow get her the inheritance that Ivy now has
  2. William speaks with Ivy about planning the party for a portion of the money she has. Lola overhears this conversation
  3. Lola confides in Nate about what she overheard.
  4. Nate tells Serena (who is GG remember). 
  5. Nate tells Serena she can't write about Ivy anymore or the Cancer Party. 
  6. Serena makes the post on GG about Ivy paying off the Executor of CeCe's estate and sets the post for 8pm
  7. You see William and Lilly talking about the plan regarding the cheque from Ivy (Lilly doesn't know William's true intentions and that he is actually being blackmailed)
  8. Lilly arrives at the Cancer party and tells Serena about whats going on. 
  9. Serena's post on GG goes live and Ivy sees it. 
  10. Ivy doesn't write the cheque for William (which was the proof)
  11. Lola steps up for her family (finally!!!) and tells everyone what she heard
  12. Ivy is screwed. 

Serena in the end of the episode gets fired by Nate (how awkward...) but you see her walking away with her Gossip Girl laptop and when she is home on the GG site you see a chat box pop up from the REAL GG asking for her site and passwords back. 

What will happen next week I wonder? I think Chuck is in for an emotional ride, and I am really enjoying Serena's new role! 

What did you guys think of the episode last night? 

Let me know! 



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