Gossip Girl Review- It Girl, Interupted

If you're  watching Gossip Girl right now you're probably kind of in shock. 

I know I am! 

I really believed that Georgina was helping Blair with the Princess Dowry. But to find out that Chuck paid the dowry? And that he didn't want Blair to know he did it? I think Chuck has really turned into the man Blair wanted all along, and now she is with Lonely Boy Humphrey...I really don't know what to think about the love triangle. I am hoping this is like Mr. Big and Carrie, Rachel and Ross...you get the drill. I hope Blair and Chuck get back together...for good! 

I had no idea that Blair would find out about the dowry so fast! For Humphrey to be the one to tell her made things even better. Poor Blair, how confused she must be! That was a pretty bold move in Chucks defense...I admire him more for paying the dowry and keeping it quiet. If it wasn't for Nate telling Dan it would have stayed a secret forever. 

I know that Blair feels like if she ended the marriage she would be losing her childhood dream, but she is falling really far from her throne if she is with Dan. I hope once she signs the divorce papers she will get back to being the Queen B we all know and love.

I am liking the story line with Serena as Gossip Girl. Things are getting interesting! Finally the Gossip Girl writers have given Serena a story line that doesn't involve Blair! 

What did you guys think when Ivy made a deal to move out of the loft in return to have her assets unfrozen? And for her to move out with the promise of a cheque and there is nothing waiting for her? Lily has certainly made kind of a mess of things in Rufus's eyes...yikes! She probably should have told him of her plans before she acted and lied about them! Now Lily has her loft back, but Rufus is staying in Brooklyn...oh my.

Diana is back! Back and taking over Nate's office and wiggling her way in between Nate and Lola...awkward! To make matters worse, Nate lies to Lola about his previous love affair with Diana...bad move Archibald.

Lola's life is certainly getting interesting! Modelling at a hot lingerie party, bringing a sexy friend from her home town to a party she crashes to show Diana and Nate who's boss...

Things definitely turned around on Serena when she caught Lola and Nate spying on Diana and Lola's date making out... Although Serena does have other motives, just no one else knows of them! I felt bad for Serena in a way...now she is having to live 2 lives, things are about to get very complicated!

Since Lola/Serena sees no reason why Lola should model it makes things worse for Serena, they changed the name of the lingerie from Serena to Lola for the new "It Girl" that Serena had all planned for Lola...then Serena ditched the runway. How odd...what is happening to our Gossip Girls?

Oh Lola is getting attention now, and Serena seems kind of...jealous? The Gossip Girl post Serena sent just proved it. She didn't like to be outdone by...Lola, especially after her stunt at the lingerie show!

Oh Dan dressed up Blair in a pink dress and gave her a tiara on the steps of the MET. Now she can feel like a princess one last time, how...sweet? I don't know guys, I am really not buying this Dan and Blair story line. It just bothers me. But at least we finally saw the photos come to life that we saw being filmed a few months back! Now onto better things...I hope.

No more Queen B and no more Fiesty Serena? 

What is the world coming to! Ah!

What did you all think of the episode?



*Photos via The CW and a reader who was in NYC during filming (thanks girl!) xoxo

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