Gossip Girl Review: Salon of the Dead

Last nights Gossip Girl episode was surely an eventful one!! 

Jealous over Lola's rise to It Girl status, Serena knocks her down with one Gossip Girl post. 

Not liking that she was thrown from her throne, Lola plots to prove to everyone that Serena is Gossip Girl. Lola does this at Blair and Dan's Salon party, which was supposed to be a party introducing them as a couple (blah blah blah, we all know how I feel about this relationship...). Lola invites Chuck and Nate so they can see Lola take down Serena. That doesn't exactly happen though. Serena foolishly leaves her iPhone on the table to speak with Diana (who also showed up at the party...drama!) about combining their efforts and keeping the real Gossip Girl off the site (Gossip Girl texted Diana about Serena holding the site hostage, and that she would spill the beans on a big secret Diana has if she doesn't help her get the site back).

Serena confronts Diana about her whereabouts the night that Blair and Chuck were in the infamous car accident, and where she was the day Chuck was born. Diana admits that she is Chucks mother (I so called that one!) on video uploading live to the GG site (Lola was hiding taping the whole thing and posting the live feed on GG with Serena's iPhone). 

Everyone who needed to see the video saw it...like Chuck. 

Blair and Dan weren't even there to see this all go down, they arrived back at the Humphrey loft when all their guests were leaving the "soap opera". 

Major drama with Lily and Rufus!!! Turns out Rufus was paying for Ivy's hotel stay behind Lily's back...I think a divorce may be happening soon? Uh oh! 

Blair and Dan are from 2 different worlds. Blair doesn't want to live in his, and Dan doesn't want to live in hers. Oh the drama....they end up having a sleepover while Chuck is an emotional wreck. 

Chuck and Diana talk, seriously talk, at Chucks hotel. It seems to go well considering. We find out that Chuck was given to Elizabeth to raise as her own since she could not have children, but could not go through with raising someone else's child so she left. 

Serena and Ivy speak. Ivy has promised not to say anything about Serena being Gossip Girl, and her and Nate broke up after she live-streamed Diana admitting she was Chuck's mother to Gossip Girl. Oh the drama!

More drama with Ivy, Lily, Lola, Rufus, Serena, Diana and Chuck to come! I just can't wait for it! Blair and Dan aren't even on my radar, it's not that I don't care about the characters anymore...it's that I just don't find this storyline appealing in the slightest. I am Team Chuck. 

P.S. Dan PLEASE cut your damn greasy hair! 



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